the questions

Question 01.
What is your name?

Question 02.
What is your age?

Question 03.
Where do you come from? What is your geographical situation?

Question 04.
What did you study?

Question 05.
Do you provide for other people than yourself? For how many?

Question 06.
How would you define your activity/job/profession?

Question 07.
How do you introduce yourself to someone?

Question 08.
Can you make a living from your occupation/work ? If not, how do you make a living?

Question 09.
Do you have a price list / fees?

Question 10.
How do you calculate your fee?

Question 11.
Who pays the price/fees? Public authorities, institutions, private clients, companies, audiences, other...

What are the conditions?

Question 12.
Do you retain ownership of your work/works once transfered?
With what, with whom?

Question 13.
Please, specify the equipment/material used in your work and their origin. More generally, what form does this investiment take : collective buying, loan, gift, etc ?

Question 14.
Do you work in group, if so, with whom, what for, why ?

Question 15.
Other questions and answers.

Question 16.
Pictures of your workspace.