Ma Cuisine Interne Keuken

Cuisine Interne Keuken is a method, a reflection, a collection of moments, and not a sociological investigation.
We made this portal site in order to share the ideas, working methods, software and recipes of this project. The recipes for organising your own Cuisine Interne Keuken project are open for interpretation and adjustable. On this page you can find the instructions to make your own version.
During the project we developed a database where you can listen to the interviews. To make the editing process easier, Johannes Taelman (Pure data patch) and Michael Murtaugh (Python script for Linux) created a set of tools that enable you to record directly onto your computer and with which you don't need to edit anymore.

Create your own interview project

Do Interviews
Constant developed some tools for this project. On this website you can download and/or install them, call it a manual, recipes.

Recording without a computer
When you have a digital sound recording device and a computer to edit these sounds.
< Link to page of manual I have no good soundcard>

Install and use the database
< Link to page of manual installing and using the database >