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Bravo? Mommen!

I am here at Atelier Mommen, during the “Brussels art weekend” BRXL Bravo.
We have put up the installation of Cuisine Interne Keuken. The 16 questions are on the wall, the robot is set up. I will give a guided tour of the installation, as it is now.

17 Questions

The robot represents the “ideal cultural worker”. It’s head is a clock, time stops when he or she “works”.

Behind the robot there is a big television (a present from a grandmother). On that you can see a montage of all different workspaces (yes, all the drawings that are online). So, in that sense, the cultural worker ends up in different workspaces. (may I note that most people/precarious workers/artists/journalists work in their bedroom, or in a corner of their kitchen…).

On the wall there are several words, made with leds and lettering from Mr.the, on them are words like “Cost”, “Living”, “Marketing” – courtesy Sarah Washington.

Words Words Words Words Words Words

In the corner there are two flying speakers, they are old computer ventilators with little speakers on them. They are linked to a deforming system. Through the three speakers you hear the sound of money, it is after all all about the economical situation of the precarious worker and the working conditions. The money audio is deformed and in the background you can hear a Slovenian supermarket.

Words Words Words

In the middle of everything there are lots of cables and other objects we found (appropriate).

Objects01 Objects02

In the middle of the wall we are adding the drawings of the workspaces.

Here you see a photograph of somebody drawing.


To the right, in the corner, there is the interview computer and the questions. It is also a listening station, but listening is not so easy… Some people have risked it


Putting yourself in a corner amidst all the commotion and all the people with headphones is not self-evident…


In the next post, there are some pictures of the other part of the exhibition.

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