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One week and a half before the festival, we have been driving round and doing some research..
Things have been bought : look here at the treasures we have found. There will be updates.

So far we have been to some regular second hand collecting points, such as Oxfam (Beekkant and Kolomstraat), Televil Kringloopwinkel (Dilbeek and Vilvoorde), La poudrière Emmaüs (Anderlecht).

In the shops you can find ok stuff, such as toys, a timer, a lovely working portable tape player.
But it is very hard to anticipate what will be useful for building the junk-no-stink-CIK-installation.

What I found interesting is the degree of institutionalization of certain places. Smaller shops let you browse through their electronic “garbage” easier than big ones. With La poudrière we have the kind of deal we were looking for, I think: they let us browse through the stuff they were going to send to Recupel (they collect, sort, treat and recycle Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), a kind of electronic cemetary. They sell it to us at the same price as they get from Recupel. Also notable to say that they are very nice.

Also nice is the aspect of spreading the”word”:I have told several people what we are doing, and they give us stuff, such as the dentist giving me his old phone, or other people gave me some old mobile phones etc etc.
Anyway, enough for today…

In this photo gallery you find all our moves.

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More later!

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