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Previously, on this subject…

Making an installation, the pro’s and contra’s.
Interactivity? Necessity? When does something go beyond gimmick, what is a “good” and what is a “bad” installation? How do you “make” a public listen/read understand/grasp? Should these questions even be asked (does all this sound more than a marketing strategy???)?

Also, we have decided to build a no-budget installation, with as a basis second hand electronics, which we find in second hand stores, along the road, in regulated dustbins, and as gifts.

One of the initial ideas was to build a kind of haunted house, with a certain trajectory to follow, that would “oblige/force” a visitor to follow d(-_^).

But the feasibility of this is kind of low…

We have four days to build this installation. And now we are preparing, brainstorming, talking, discussing. Not easy. The subject matter is wide, and we are 4 to 5 different people, with different concepts on what should or should not happen. On the other hand, I like the brainstorms, ok, they are tiring, but I sense that this subject matter does occupy some space in people’s minds.

Will get back on this..

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