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In Spain, mainly in the gain

I guess rhyming was never a great talent of mine…
In Spain Creative Commons is launched on january the 24th, in Madrid.
But, next to that a certain subject will be touched upon, which concerns this blog deeply…

££€€$$ ping ping dosh slappe was… Mud of the earth (slijk der aarde)…

Namely there will also be an animated debate with a not so long title about “what will artists live on?

Self-evidently with a big link towards Creative Commons…

Or in Spanish: y luego habrá un animado debate con un título también largo que se puede resumir en “¿De qué van a vivir los artistas?”

I am reaaaally very curious about this debate!

So, I am already taking a mental note of this wiki

These are the participants of the debates (tss tss no girls ola ola no chicas.. shamos on you’os guyos):

Cory Doctorow, novelista y representante europeo de la EFF
Javier Maestre, abogado de Bufet Almeida
Enrique Dans, economista y profesor del Instituto de Empresa
Javier Candeira, editor y socio fundador de barrapunto.com
José Cervera, periodista y creador de la licencia 20minutos

Hmm should brush up my Spanish – anyone???

esta links de blog boing boing – muchas gracias

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